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Duxton Playground

THE ART SCIENCE ESCAPADE (18th to 22nd July - Cycle 1)

3 days for 1 pax
4 days for 1 pax
5 days for 1 pax

DATE: 18th to 22nd JULY 2022 (Cycle 1)


*Full day available upon request (till 3pm)

*The recommended age group for the camps are children aged 3.5 to 12*

Here's the chance for your kids to be wilderness explorers in our adventure where science meets art. Get close with Mother Nature as we teach various art forms using the natural materials around us. Have some fun being experimental with their art, and learn the importance of understanding and preserving our natural environment!

Activities include: 

  • Visual Journaling through artworks
  • Volcano Art Explosion Experiment
  • Wax Sculpting
  • Pressed Flowers and Natural Pigments Painting

and many more!