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Duxton Playground

ALOHA WELLNESS CAMP (27th June to 1st July - Cycle 2)

3 days for 1 pax
4 days for 1 pax
5 days for 1 pax

DATE: 27 JUNE - 1JULY 2022  (Cycle 2)


*Full day available upon request (till 3pm)


*The recommended age group for the camps are children aged 3.5 to 12*

Looking for a fun and relaxing holiday camp? Well Aloha! DUXTON Playground presents: Our Aloha Wellness Retreat this June! Join us this June as we provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids to learn some self care practices to incorporate into their daily life! Finding Balance between their academic life and self care. 

Activities include: 

  • Visual Journaling through artworks
  • Mindful marble pours
  • Bath bomb making 
  • Organic Self care pack

and many more!