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What kind of party packages do you offer?

We offer an array of party packages that can be personalised to your loved one’s favourite theme. From group art jams to fully decked out party packages that include food, decor and art, there’s something for everyone! Please contact us for the full brochure.

How many people are allowed to be at the studio?

A total of 10 people, including children  can be accommodated within the studio space in accordance to the current safety measures.

Do you cater cake and meals at the party?

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Can i drop my children off and pick then up later ?

Due to the current safety measures, dropping off your children at the studio would be a great alternative to allow for more guests to attend the party. Photos and videos of the party will be shared through Google Drive via email.

What are the current class restrictions at the studio?

We are holding classes at the capacity of 6 kids per session and during the session, they will be socially distanced.

Can i Dine in?

Dine-in is allowed for anyone that is fully-vaccinated or if they have a negative Covid-19 test taken within a day. Proof of your vaccination or the test results will be asked to be shown.

Can i dine in if i am not fully vaccinated but did a swab test on the day and was tested negative?

Yes, with the proof of your negative test result!

What is Duxton Playground?

Duxton Playground is a collaboration between Monument Lifestyle and Duxton Kids. We wanted to create a safe space for kids to unleash their creativity by hosting art classes and art jams for kids (and parents).

Duxton Playground is where kids learn to dream. The space was designed to be made, unmade and remade through imagination, where kids can make mistakes, learn about themselves, and play to their hearts’ content. Colour outside the lines, read from back to front, fall and try again - here is where kids will learn lessons to keep for life.